"Television Rooms" London, 2005-05-17

"Television Rooms" London

Around the everyday objects that surround us, light falls. The camera captures the rays that bounce back. that is how we make pictures. jens komossa places his camera directly in front of the television, with the view directed not towards the screen but rather back towards the room. the room is in a long dialogue with the ideas transmitted by the television, submerged in its light. a reversal of stage sets. komossa has taken a series of tv room pictures in berlin and new york. during the LONDON-PHOTO 2005, three londoners will be showing some of these photos in their own tv rooms. extending the dialogue, as it were, by putting the focus back on the viewer's perspective. the human eye becomes the recorder once again. we are provoked to reflect on our own ideas about the influences of television on its surroundings.

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