Juiststangen and Wall Pictures at Asperger Gallery / Berlin, 2003-04-04

Exhibition: KOMOSSA Photography

Juist Poles

Komossa photography exhibition opening, Fri, April 24th, 7 PM. The exhibit will be on display form april 4th until may 24th, 2003, 2 PM – 7 PM, Wed – Sat.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the gallery, it is our pleasure to present the exhibition KOMOSSA in the rooms of the Asperger gallery, and furthermore to invite you, on Friday, April 4th 2003, from 7 PM – 9 PM, to the opening of the exhibit.

With the photo-series “Juist Poles,” and “Wall Pictures,” Komossa has again achieved what has become his signature deceleration of space and time. Though both series are comprised strictly of night photography, the way the invisibility of night is made visible makes the night he represents one that is difficult to recognize. A second contrast exists in the juxtaposition of these two photo series. “Juist Poles” takes place outside, in a wide-open natural setting, whereas “Wall Pictures” is a study of interior spaces. As it was with his series “Berlin Rooms,” “Wall Pictures” engages in a kind of psychological investigation, where the people themselves are missing, and the spaces they occupy are represented. While the furniture present in “Berlin Rooms” reflects the spirit of the residents, “Wall Pictures” gives almost no hint as to who might live in the represented space. In “Wall Pictures,” light and emptiness alone tell the story of the inhabitants. Often, the story of the picture is a projection from the viewer, though sometimes the stories can be true. These are stories of insomnia.

For more information and pictures of the exhibition, please contact the gallery.

Many thanks, Tine Neumann + Willy G. Asperger

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